Sliding Doors

By June 12, 2008#Influence

I am in no way recommending the movie (Starring Gweneth Paltrow), because it has to many “cringe” factors to recommend to anyone -however I have seen it and had a day, or night, similar to it.

In the movie they show her living two parallel lives. One is the life she has -having just missed the subway home (the door slides closed right in front of her -hence the name of the movie). The other life is what would have been if she’d made it. It’s interesting the differences -and even more interesting the similarities- in those two lives (oops, does that sound too much like recommending it?).

When I went to bed last night I was planning for two completely different days. One would be if the poor boy -who might have to drop out of his missions trip didn’t make it to the airport. That would mean I’d be going (at some horridly early hour in the morning –which as you know wouldn’t have deterred me one bit from my excitement to be traveling– especially since the destination was) to Mexico City -where my brother and his family live. (Here’s the shout out to Peter, Delia, Grace, Gabe, Marta, and Karina!) So my bag was packed and my passport ready and waiting.

However, if he did make it to the airport, then I would not get the 5 AM-ish wake up call telling me to get to the airport. Then, instead of going to Mexico City, I’d be going to the office (since I got work off at my nanny job “just in case” I ended up in Mexico City today -what nice employers!).

Ah, the sliding door. All night I tossed and turned, wondering which day I’d be living. I could easily picture myself fitting into either one of the two, finding things I loved about both of them or things I didn’t like.

I missed the “sliding door” and am so glad the boy was able to go on the trip (I was rooting for that outcome for his sake). However, instead of traveling and seeing my family in Mexico, I went to the office and entered camper registration forms. It may not be as exciting but I got to help a few campers out, and enjoyed the fact that I would be able to see Matt every single day for the next twelve days instead of missing him like crazy. Even though I missed seeing one brother, I’m glad I get to see another one. Douglas is coming over tonight for some Guitar Hero and Que Viet (this awesome little Vietnamese restaurant by our house), and I’ve been looking forward to it for days. If I’d gone to Mexico I would have missed my chance since he’s planning to move to California soon -to join the ranks of our other family members who now call Cali home.

Still, I can’t help but wonder what the parallel Jill is (or rather would be) doing right now… Probably sweating to death in an over-packed vehicle while being maneuvered through the insane streets of Mexico City -and loving every minute of it!!

Both lives hold such appeal. I don’t know how I would have ever chosen between them.

I sure am glad it’s God Who opens my doors for me.

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