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Jill, Beth, and I went skydiving this past Monday (Memorial Day) in San Diego. Beth had called the day before and scheduled us to jump in the morning. We hurried to get out there by 10am, but ended up waiting about 3 hours anyway. During the wait, we watched a Dharma-Style legal video and signed our name about 25 times on a waiver. The clouds never really cleared, but around 1pm there was a small window to hop on the plane and fly into the sky.

Our instructors strapped us in midway through the 10 minute flight and made the last preparations. I was the first to go on my 13,000 foot journey. Many people have asked what it feels like. I have no understanding of the physics of it all, but it does not feel at all like falling. That’s difficult to explain, but its nothing like roller coaster or even turbulence on an airplane. The best description I have is “Floating”. The 60 second 8,000 foot free fall was the best part for me. It was so cool to fall through a cloud. Johnny (my instructor) pulled the ripcord and the chute opened. He didn’t warn me that he’d be loosening the harness for landing… that freaked me out a little… probably the only moment I was actually scared. Then he maneuvered the chute in circles. That made me a little sick, but other than that I was fine. The landing was smooth as can be.

Would I do it again? I think so. But than again, its one of those things that maybe I’ll just “check off” my list and not do again. We’ll see.

I’d recommend it to anyone though.  I’m surprised at how few people have tried it.  I’d love to hear from others out there who have experienced it too… what was it like for you?

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