Say Cheese!

By December 14, 2008#Life

Ew gross! I bought some string cheese and when I peeled the wrapper back, it exposed this disgustingly odd strip of… mold? I don’t know.  It wasn’t very ‘moldy’ looking, more like dry and cracked and… ugh.  It’s just gross. Needless to say I threw it away, but not before taking numerous pictures of it.

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  • Mateo says:

    Dude, is that a banana?

  • Doug says:

    You should have saved it and brought it to a good lawyer. Maybe you could’ve gotten rich off it.

  • Jill says:

    I totally should have kept it. Oh, and I work for a lawyer! What was I thinking?
    Well, She’s not really the ‘sue a cheese company’ type. But I could have had a life time supply of cheese! Then all I’d need to do is sue a cracker company!
    Hm… A plan is formulating… (And Douglas, you’ll get a cut.)

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