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Lately I’ve been watching “This Week in Baseball” on Saturdays at noon.  I’ve always been a baseball fan and used to watch this show back when Mel Allen was still the host (RIP 1996).  Growing up, it was the Pittsburgh Pirates that I learned to love.  I guess that was passed down to me from my dad and grandfather who adored (and loathed) Pittsburgh teams (Oh, how they would have loved 2009).  I first cheered because of Bobby Bonilla, Barry Bonds, and Andy Van Slyke in the late 80s, but learned about another Pirate in the 60s & 70s named Roberto Clemente.  This past Saturday on TWIB they featured baseball players who have “given back”… highlighting Dave Stewart and others including Roberto Clemente.  Looking back at the things Roberto Clemente did outside of baseball, you can see his calling – to help people in need.. and baseball was his avenue to pursue his passion.  The real stars of sports are the ones who are better known for their contributions outside the game.  It’s sad to see many of today’s sports stars wasting their opportunity to make a difference… Barry Bonds, Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress (the living representation of “adding insult to injury”). Let’s cheer for those use their talent and fame to make a positive impact in society.  Clemente wanted to make the world a better place and he died trying to do it..   in a plane crash on his way to Nicaragua to help victims of an earthquake.  His legacy lives on.

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