Ripped off by Waffle Makers!

By April 3, 2010#Life

I have nothing more to say about this other than, “What is the deal with this waffle?”  Okay, maybe I have a little more to say… I opened my whole grain Eggo waffles to find one of the waffles not just ripped apart, but also missing a big chunk of it!  What gives waffle maker, what gives?

Though it was a disappointment, and I’m not yet sure how I’m going to toast it (or it I want to eat it), the bright side is that the Mystery of the Broken Waffle has given me tons of fun.  I enjoy imagining what happened on the waffle factory floor that day.  Here’s my current theory.  Herbert was trying to impress Sylvia, who works across the factory line from him.  Things got a little “I Love Lucy” (the chocolate factory episode) because he sped up his production line too fast and tossed waffles in the air to impress her.   Things got out of hand and soon he was left with broken bits of waffles.  Not one to waste things, he saved the waffle bits in his pockets and the next day he snuck them in to random waffle boxes, thinking no one would notice if they had one broken waffle.  The only problem being, he wasn’t putting enough pieces in the boxes for it to look convincing…  But that’s just one theory.

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  • Matt Reed says:

    Stupid selfish Herbert.

  • Kelly M-O says:

    Leggo my Eggo! I got your missing missing piece!

    Just kidding, but wouldn’t that have been funny!?

  • Tonya says:

    It does look like 2 pieces from different waffles! Maybe it was bring-your-child-to-work day at the factory?

  • Amy Clausen says:

    Your theory is better than Herbert was hungry so took a bite of each waffle thinking no one would notice 🙂

  • Jill says:

    Kelly, it would be AMAZING if you had the missing piece!
    Tonya, I know isn’t it weird that they don’t even look like pieces that belong together? I like the ‘bring your child to work day’ theory.
    Amy, I am just hoping that your theory is incorrect, because it creeps me out. But it DOES look like a bite was taken out of one chunk, doesn’t it? Ick. :p

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