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By February 4, 2013#Life

Today scientists confirmed that the skeleton found underneath a parking lot in Leicester, England was that of King Richard III, who died on the battlefield in 1485.  There has always been a mystery surrounding his death and the location of his remains until now. (You can read more details on the story at  Upon reading I was struck by two thoughts.  The first being,

Fiction based on fact is still fiction.

Richard III has in modern times carried a reputation of the murderous tyrant, although there is little evidence to support that proposition.  Most of those assumptions are based on the writings of Shakespeare.  He depicted the King with a withered arm and propensity for power.  Modern historians have tried to piece together a more accurate description of the young king’s character and interestingly enough today’s DNA analysis confirmed he did not have a withered arm.

Today’s discovery doesn’t exactly restore Richard’s reputation to good standing, but it does reveal that even 500+ years ago people could mistake fiction in entertainment as fact.  It’s relative to the films of today (Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty) that are prefaced with a line such as, “based on a true story.”  (See last year’s post – Based on a True Story).

The second thought was based simply on the fact that we just found a king buried under a city parking lot.  Power and possessions are temporal.  God’s love is eternal.

Live for what matters.

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