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I can’t actually remember what I got this sticker off of.  All I know is it was an article of clothing.  That’s not really the important part to me, it’s not what led me to dig it back out of the trash and photograph it.  What led me to that was thinking.

I was cleaning and saw that sticker and threw it away.  But then I started thinking about it.  Q.C.  Quality Check?  Quality Control?  Either way I began to think about Q.C. in my own life.  There are people in my life who could just as well be numbered and labeled Q.C.  God is my Q.C.  Matt is my Q.C.  My mom is my Q.C. and on and on down the line.

I am glad that articles of clothing and electronics and inanimate objects are not the only things in life that are checked for quality.  I want the value and quality of my life to be like that -check for quality and not found lacking.

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