Peanut Buster!

By June 11, 2009#Life

Of the three kids I nanny for, you may not be surprised to hear that it is Barrett (AKA Buster Brown) who today smeared peanut butter all over his head -hair included.  It was snack time, and it was hilarious!  We called his dad in, from doing yard work outside, and took pictures. Everyone laughed, and Barrett most of all and said “I like peanu-butture!”

But for every “Over Peanut Buttering” offense, there are consequences.  He picked his nose (with his disgusting little fingers full of peanut butter) and said, “Jill, I pick ma-nose!”  He soon got frustrated because he coudln’t get the peanut butter out of his nose and picked it until it bled- ugh (boys).

Then as I was wiping at his face (bloody nose included) to get him cleaned up, he rubbed his eyes with his sticky peanut butter fingers.  Ooo, ouch!  His poor eyes had peanut butter in them!

I looked at the terry wash cloth I was using for him and gave up.  Out of his seat and into the tub went Peanut Buster Brown!  At lunch time, rather than having the peanut butter sandwich he’d wanted earlier he said, “Only Jelly, Jill.  Only Jelly.”

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