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By May 10, 2008#Life

May 10, 2008. It’s roughly 5:50 AM.

Paul Reed, Matt’s dad, is gone. Matt was with him when he died, and said it was peaceful.

It’s strange to me how life, a soul, can be there one second and gone the very next. It’s a mysterious event.

The sun is just about to rise. Light, faint and gray, is on the horizon. It’s almost like that. The sun so vibrant and warm rises, stretches to its highest point, and slowly descends. We know and anticipate its passing. As it reaches the far horizon, it stretches out its last rays before it slips out of our view -still there, but not there. We can’t see it, but there is a lightness to the sky that reminds us it’s still the sun, it’s still light and warm and vibrant, but for a while we won’t see it. For a while the light may go out for us, but it isn’t gone.

God does that for our souls. He gives us that Hope and Life.

I’m sorry for those of you who didn’t know Paul. I’m glad I did, and I am sorry he’s gone, but I’m so glad that he’s somewhere better -and we’ll see him again.

I’m sure Matt will have more to say, but I wanted this to be up… I wanted people to know right away, that something good left our world -but that something better awaits us.

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