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By June 16, 2008#Life

I used to run. I run now.

The funny thing about it is that when I used to run I didn’t realize what great shape I was in. Running now I realize what bad shape I’m in!

As Matt mentioned we ran four miles on Saturday (each Saturday we’ll increase until we hit our goal). Our goal is a half marathon (13 miles). I have never (even in the one spring I ran track in high school) liked running long distances. I’m a sprinter at heart. Give me a nice 100 and I’m happy. I’m not good at it (I’m fast to me but slower than everyone else -at least I was in track), but I like it better.

Now I’ve been learning patience and endurance and all of those lessons that are hard enough to begin with, but even more difficult while struggling for air and sweating to the point of dripping.

I can remember a few years ago when I started to exercise (for the first time in years -yes, I know. Shame on me) and I could hardly jog an entire block. Hm… I’m checking to see if I’m exaggerating… Nope. Sadly that’s true.

Now I’m up to 4 miles without stopping, and even though 13 miles seems hard -it also seems possible. On Sunday Matt said, “Want to run a quick 2 mile before church?” I said sure, but also asked, “Since when did 2 miles become quick?”

We ran it, and it was quick and even though I worked up a sweat, it wasn’t hard. Somewhere along the line 2 miles did become quick, and it’s exciting to think that some day maybe 4 or 7 miles will also seem that way. No more 1 block jog for me. From now on the sky’s the limit!

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