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By March 8, 2009#Life

I recently had the privilege of learning to snow board. Lonni taught me. I think I made her laugh for quite a bit of the time (like when I fell so hard my head actually bounced up off the ground!), but I comforted myself with the fact that she said I did a good job (whether she truly meant it or not is still up for debate, but I like to think she did).
For those of you who keep up on this or just know us (or got our Christmas DVD!) you know that I also recently attempted surfing (for the record I’m much better at snowboarding -don’t laugh at that Lonnie, I really am). I find that though I may not hold an extreme talent for these sports, I really enjoy the work and thrill of being ‘on board.’

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  • Lon says:

    1. I did really mean it when I said you did good! You did! 🙂
    2. You spelled my name with an E!?

  • Jill says:

    Lon, don’t be offended. My mind knows how to spell it but my fingers sometimes do their own thing when I type (they’re just so stinkin’ fast it’s hard to keep up!)

    I kind of want to snow board again, but probably not this winter (the baby might not like it so much -plus pregnancy throws off my balance a little).

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