Oh my God

By September 30, 2008#Influence

I still replace God with gosh… I just don’t like saying “oh my God.” Most people call it “taking the Lord’s name in vain” – breaking one of the ten commandments. While I don’t like it or say it, I don’t believe that’s the meaning of the commandment.

I think one of the ways we take His name in vain is by attributing things to Him that aren’t really His doing. For instance, many people will say, “I don’t think God is leading me to…” fill in the blank. It’s much easier for us to blame God – saying He didn’t lead us to do something – than to admit that maybe were just scared to do something we know we are supposed to or simply lack faith.

Or the opposite can many times be true – many a sin have been committed in God’s name. We choose to disobey God and operate outside His will and then say, “I wasn’t going to do it, but God told me to.” The worst excuse besides “the devil made me do it” is “God told me.” This is taking the Lord’s name in vain – throwing His name around to make us look good or to excuse our own shortcomings. I write from experience. OMG have mercy on me!

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