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1098035_above_the_skyYikes!  Can’t believe the time is already upon us!  We leave early tomorrow for our missions trip to Nicaragua!  We have been feeling like it will be more restful for us than the last month of ‘house work’ has been!

Seriously we’re really looking forward to seeing the things that God has planned for us and for the people we’ll be working with.

Now all we have to do is finish buying a few things on our list (as youth group has just ended and we’re tearing down), pick up our bags to pack, and pack!  Then I think it’s early to bed since it’s early to rise tomorrow (ugh)!

Remember to pray for us.  We’ll also be updating our website and Facebook via Twitter throughout the trip.  (I know, we’re nerds.  Also, it’s maybe a little bit for the parents of the students going with us -just a little bit.)

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  • Kelly M-O says:

    Wow Guys! How awesome. We’re going to Kentucky on our youth trip. Not quite as exciting but will be a good week. Can’t wait to hear all about Nicaragua and see your pics!

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