New Bridge

By February 27, 2008#Influence

The new I-35 bridge is on pace to open at the end of this year. Driving by it everyday is both fascinating and frustrating. It’s amazing to see the ’round the clock effort to build the bridge and the visible progress on a daily basis. The frustrating part is alternative routes offered to fill the void. There’s a bridge by the University we sometimes take (though now less often) that is notorious for selfish drivers. There hasn’t been a time when we’ve crossed the 10th Ave bridge where someone hasn’t cut us off or butted in the front of a long line. I’ve always said that the “things done in secret” described in the Bible is what you do in your car. In trying to reach our destinations, our sometimes repressed selfishness rises to the top when we get behind the wheel of a vehicle. As aggravating as it is, it definitely lends to self-reflection and hopefully the molding of a better me.

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