My Name in Vain

By November 20, 2007#Influence

I was nannying yesterday and I heard the oldest girl, Madeline, telling her younger sister (Caroline) that if she didn’t do something then Jill was going too… fill in the blank. As they played in their room I continued to hear them threaten each other with, “Jill says if you do this…” or “Jill won’t like it if you…” They stopped doing it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it because their threats were threats I would never make. Their offenses were things that weren’t against the set of Rules either, so “Jill” probably wouldn’t have done anything about it.

I thought it was sad and a little funny that we, as puny humans, do this to God. We use His name to throw out threats and punishments and we speak on God’s behalf on things that have nothing to do with Who He is or what “Rules” He’s laid out for us (like in the Bible).

As much as I hated to hear my name used in vain, I imagine it bothers God even more. Not only are we using it for our own agenda, but by doing that we disregard His word and His character, leaving others to wonder what God is really like. We may get what we want from doing it, but do we really get Who He is?

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