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By March 24, 2009#Life

There is some sort of magic in the late night and early morning hours that turns stupid ideas into brilliant ones.  I don’t mean my own ideas, though I’m sure the same could be said for those.  I mean infomercials.

I don’t straighten my hair, or buff my car a lot, or bedazzle things.  Yet at some magical hour my mind becomes foggy or perhaps very very clear, and suddenly I see the brilliance of these ideas.

It’s past midnight and suddenly the “InStyler” is the most brilliant hair straightener/volumizer/curler that has ever existed.  Though I don’t do any of those things with my hair, I feel compelled -I must own it.  It’s like a fever.  It will make everything in my life easier.  It will solve all my problems.  It is that brilliant.

Lucky for me it’s late and I’m going to sleep and in the morning this will seem like nothing more than a silly dream, and I will once again live in a sane world where Sham Wow and the Bump It seem funny, and a lot less brilliant.  Or maybe not…  The ‘midnight’ me is still caught int he magic and can’t quite give into the logical ‘morning’ me and still holds on to the belief that this is the best things I have EVER seen.  It’s clearly time for bed.)

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  • Melinda Redmann says:

    🙂 I know exactly what you mean.

  • Jill says:

    Oh no, I’m starting to want this again. This thing curls, straightens (WITHOUT burning your hair like OTHER products), AND gives your hair that needed lift and volume!
    What time is it? Almost 10PM? It’s nearing magic hour… Hide the phone and credit cards!

  • Ashley says:

    That’s exactly how I ended up with Susanne Summers pilates circle! Bought it two years ago and the instructional video is still in the original plastic it came in. This is precicely the reason I’m normally in bed by 10pm. 🙂

  • Jill says:

    Ha! I know right? 😀 I’ve nearly bought into tons of stuff and actually did by the Magic Bullet. I do like it, but it was not as fabulous as the Australian actors made it seem. Guess that’s a tribute to their mad acting skills! Even then I bought it from Target instead of getting the super great deal on TV because I was afraid I was getting ripped off…

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