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If you don’t sit at a computer most of the day for work or own an Android phone, this isn’t for you.I came across a great texting app for Android called MightyText.  It syncs your phone’s text messages through your Google account via your computer’s browser.  You can send and receive texts from a browser window just like instant messaging.  I really like that it works through your actual SMS on your phone and even syncs contacts.

The app works best in Chrome because of Chrome’s native notification system.  Firefox is decent, but you have to install another app to enable notifications.  Notifications are great if you’re on a laptop or smaller screen.  Otherwise on a large screen you can easily leave a browser window open to the side of the screen.  There’s a very slight delay, but hardly noticeable if you have a decent wi-fi connection.

Best of all it’s free!  Give it a whirl at mightytext.net.

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