I Heart Haters

By January 8, 2012#Influence

I haven’t heard the word hater used as much as it has been since Tim Tebow started winning.  The fuel for contempt oscillates between his throwing arm and his faith, the latter of which seems to truly offend.  Through it all he’s maintained his integrity, diverted praise to God and teammates, and has shown Christians that the proper way to attract haters is by being Christ-like.

I <3 haters.  A follower of Christ without haters is probably not following very well.  They are a great gauge for living unashamedly in obedience to Christ, but too many times we see Christians who lack love in living out their faith.  They taint the gospel with their insecurities and are profoundly unlike Christ when professing him.  Like Gandhi said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”  Haters should hate us be because of Christ, not because of us (Luke 21:17).

Follow Christ with integrity and humility and when haters take offense it means you’re doing something right.  In the end they will be proven wrong, be it by the love of Christ or Tebow’s arm.

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