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By April 5, 2010#Life

As some people may already know, I have written in previous posts about my weakness when it come to infomercial products.  The later at night it gets, the more brilliant the idea seems.  I usually don’t purchase the items, with the exception of the Magic Bullet which we use multiple times almost every day (and bought at Target, not off of TV).  In the past I have mentioned the beautiful In Styler (the rotating curling iron/hair straightener) that seems to style hair like a dream. Though in my own hands I can’t vouch for how well it would actually work (my instinct is that it would be more nightmare than dream).  I have also harbored a secret (until now) fascination with the Topsy Turvy (it grows tomatoes upside-down!) which seems brilliant, aside from it’s color.

Now, however, I have been introduced to the Robo Stir.  It looks A-mazing!  Maybe most people don’t make tapioca pudding or other things that must be ‘stirred constantly’ -the two words together that make cooks cringe when reading it in a recipe- it means you’re chained to the stove, standing and stirring, for fifteen minutes straight.  I love tapioca, I hate the stirring.

As usual, I have my doubts about the product, but mostly I just think “why didn’t anyone think of this before?”  I mean, we developed mixers and blenders to stir things for us.  Why not use a device to stir things on the stove-top?  I will dream of you, Robo Stir, I will dream of you… (Hopefully not literally.)

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  • Mom Reed says:

    The instyler did not work on Brooke’s hair. Fortunately I have just music channels on my cable for those late sleepless nights.

  • Jill says:

    I’m so glad I never bought it! In all likelihood the Robo Stir probably topples over all the time anyway! 🙂

  • shelly says:

    Will be looking into this “stirring marvel” more (I cook alot & a second hand would be great!) BUT… as for the Topsey Turvey… I do NOT have a green thumb AT ALL & I had beautiful tomatoes, green peppers & cukes last year out of my 4 topsey turveys! I’m getting them ready for this year again.

  • Jill says:

    Shelly, that’s good to know about the Topsy Turvey! It seems brilliant. I love growing my own food, but until recently haven’t had much chance. Now that we’re in our own home, I’d love to start again!

  • SCBeachBum says:

    Sounds like a Great idea. I usually make a rather large pot of spaghetti sauce and no matter what it always burns a little on the bottom. I like my sauce pretty thick with lots of meat so it is pretty hard to stir. If Robostir will really stir my sauce and keep it from burning I will buy a dozen of them. If someone has tried this product on a really thick & hard to stir sauce I would appreciate a post with the results. I will go ahead and purchase a couple because I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets just the same. CRAP, I love any kind of gadget so as soon as I am finished with this post I am going to go ahead and order one. My curiosity just has the better of me right now. I just want to go ahead and find out just how good it works right now. When I get mine and use it I will post with the results. I Wish Everyone A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year….

    Good Cooking To All,

  • kerum says:

    DO NOT BUY Robo Stir on their website, It will charge you for the free ones and then some. It’s a rip off! No way to edit the order,and takes days to get it corrected, Don’t do it!!!!

  • J. Pankey says:

    Don’t try to order on line unless you want to spend about
    3 times as the TV ad states.It
    insists you buy additional products.

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