What I’d look like as a blue-eyed blonde

By March 29, 2010#Life

I recently chopped my hair off, but before I took the plunge, I did some investigating.  I was curious about hairstyles, and what would look good on me (or, more to the point, what would look horrible on me).  Cutting out hairstyles from magazines and gluing them to pictures of myself was an option that was too creepy… and too gluey.  Looking up endless websites dedicated to hairstyles was tedious, and picturing the style on my own head was just too difficult.  Then I rediscovered this website:  http://www.instyle.com/instyle/makeover.

All I did was take a picture of myself, upload it (which took no time at all. No, not literally), and the site walked me through the editing process.  It seemed a little intense (and maybe a little tedious at the time), but it paid off later when I wanted to try on lipsticks or change my eye color.

Friends and family all had fun taking turns.  It helped confirm that my sister-in-law, Sara, would look fabulous with bangs -and she does!  It confirmed that I shouldn’t ever try to have Whitney Houston’s hair.  And it made it clear I would look hideous as a vampire (at the time there were ‘Twilight’ makeovers -they were Hilarious).

Just for the record, I would not be opposed to receiving any copies of makeovers you want to send…  (I think).

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