How to Stop Autoplay Videos on One Website

By January 31, 2015#Tech

I’ve long been a news junkie. I have no allegiance to one news source, and I’ve skipped around new websites over the years. Right now I’m digging USA Today as my primary mobile app and NBC News as my main website. The only problem I have with (as with most every news site) is that when I click on an article that I simply want to read, it autoplays the video. It’s always very annoying.

The following instructions will enable you to stop autoplays of Flash videos in Google Chrome.

To disable autoplay (Flash) videos for all websites, type chrome://chrome/settings/content into the URL bar.  Scroll down to “plug ins” and select “click to play,” and then “done”. Every Flash screen after that will have a gray plug-in message. Just click it to play the content.

To disable it on just one website (i.e. NBC News), type chrome://chrome/settings/content into the URL bar.  Scroll down to “plug ins”, click on “Manage Exceptions”. Type “[*.]” ([*.] for this instance) in the Hostname pattern column and select “Ask” as the behavior. Click Done & Done and when you restart your browser autoplay will be disabled on the website of your choosing.

You’re back to being the Big Kahuna of your web surfing experience. Cheers!

Side note: You might be asking, “What about Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari?” Ninety-five percent of my browsing is done on Google Chrome. The number one reason is that Flash is built into the browser and it auto updates, so I never get that annoying “Update Flash Player” pop-up that takes a million steps (including closing browsers) to finish. As a web designer, I also think it best represents your web experience as designers and developers intended it to be. Firefox and Safari are great browsers, but don’t offer this type of customizing as easily (may require plug-ins/extensions). And in my opinion no one should be using Internet Explorer.


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