I remember many things from long ago: “Where’s the Beef?” commercials, 99 cent gas, and when you could view a photo from Instagram on your Twitter feed. Now when you share from Instagram, all you get is the Instagram url link that takes you back to their site. I sure miss the good ol’ days.

IF to the rescue! IF lets you create recipes from almost all of your favorite apps to get them to work like you want them to work. Want toĀ automatically post a photo you post on Instagram on Flickr? Done. Want to save every single tweet in Evernote? Done. Want to get a text every time someone posts an Instagram photo that’s tagged #mattreedrocks? Done. If you can imagine it, http://ifttt.com (If This, Then That) can probably make it happen.

By far my favorite recipe is the one that solves the problem of how to post instagram photos in twitter. It automatically takes your Instagram Photo and Caption and posts it to your twitter account as native tweet and photo. For example:

That was posted on Instagram initially, and since the recipe is turned on, I didn’t have to do anything inside of Instagram. It’s triggered every time I post.

The only drawbacks I’ve run into is that there’s sometimes a delay of up to 15-20 minutes to post to Twitter. That’s really only a bummer if you’re trying to capture something in the moment. In which case, I just post it right on Twitter. And since it’s not running through Instagram’s Twitter share, if a person’s username is different on Twitter, it won’t fix it like Instagram does. Jill’s Instagram is @jillmreed, but her Twitter is @losemylife. So anytime I post @jillmreed in Instagram, it mentions some woman I don’t know in Twitter. To get around this, I simply don’t mention @jillmreed in the original Instagram post. I add her username in a second comment.

Again, that’s just one of thousands of possible recipes. Follow me on Twitter šŸ˜‰ and then head over to IF and give it a spin!

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