Hope for Auto Shops

By August 24, 2007#Life

Yesterday I set an appointment for an oil change and alignment on our car at Tires Plus (first-time customers at this one) at 3pm. So Jill and I went to Caribou (comes in second to Target in most visited category) to hang out while they worked on it. Five o’clock rolled around and we still hadn’t heard anything from them. I walked over to the shop and they still hadn’t looked at it yet.

Apparently there was a Buick with many things wrong with it that hadn’t been serviced in ages holding things up. After many apologies from the manager, I went back across the street and we went to Walmart (hate this particular store, love the prices) to wander around. From there we went to Cabina’s (wonderfully cheap good-tasting Italian) to eat. After dinner we went back to the shop and they were just getting to the alignment. I had been promised half off my bill at this point and was willing to wait a little longer so I didn’t have to come back. When they finished, the manager didn’t charge us a dime! We were thrilled! Driving away felt like I had just filled my gas tank and drove off. Yeah, it took four and a half hours, but we were righted in the end. There is definitely hope for auto shops.

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