Head in the Clouds

By March 14, 2010#Life

I know without a doubt that our neighbors, though they find us a vast improvement from the last owners of our home, believe we’re insane.  It’s because of, but I’m sure not limited to, a few things.  One is imagination and another is our camera.

Matt and I will stand in the middle of the road (watching out for cars of course) to take pictures of our shadows in the driveway.  We have begun to figure out shooting at night, so we can be seen on our deck, in the frigid darkness, with our camera on its tripod.  Or, as in this picture, I will spend a half an hour kneeling or lying in the melting snow because I think melting ice looks cool and I want to capture it on my camera as I see it in my head.

This day the melting snow bank, the result of a sad number of hours shoveling snow, looked like a cloud to me.  So there I was, lying in the snow as neighbors drove by, or peeked from their windows, or just completely ignored me.  My knees were cold and wet, but my head was in the clouds.

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