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By December 31, 2009#Life

It was time for a hair cut, so I got it chopped off on Monday (actually I didn’t chop it off, but had a professional do it).  It’s amazing how much simpler everything has become.  For example, when I put on my purse, I don’t have to pull my hair free from beneath its strap (somewhat painful).  Also, when I put on a scarf I don’t have to pull my hair out from under it, causing all sorts of static and annoyance.  I know it may seem backwards to cut it short in the winter, rather than summer, but for those of you who have long hair in the winter, you know what I’m talking about -this is SO much simpler!

It’s amazing.  I like my hair long, but every time I cut it short I remember why I also like it this way.  I’m not one to cry over haircuts (though I used to freak out -at age 14- if my mom cut more than what looked like an inch off of my hair!  Sorry Mama).  In fact, nowadays I really embrace the change.  Odd to think I’ll be needing to get it cut again before I know it!

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