Gas Prices

By November 11, 2008#Life

I know my dad would have really enjoyed the last couple months.  He was always obsessed with gas prices… always trying to find the best deal.  He’d get upset if he spent $2.95 on gas at a station and saw another one later at $2.94.  I can hardly remember a trip in the car where he didn’t comment on the price of gas at the stations as we drove by.  Although the more I think about it, it would probably more realistically be a wave of emotions… happy to see gas at the local station at $1.99 and upset because BP down the road was at $1.98.

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  • Jill says:

    Aw… I can almost hear him, “Huh, says $2.95 here, but it was just $2.96 on 23 Mile.” Or in California saying, “What? $3.29? In Michigan gas is at $2.29!”

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