Fruit Flies

By September 22, 2009#Life

We sorta forgot about a garbage bag upstairs this past weekend and came to a house full of fruit flies.  So for the past couple days, we’ve set up these traps.  We wrapped saran wrap around a bowl with an orange inside.  Then we poked a small hole in the top.  They can sneak in, but can’t find their way out.  I still don’t understand how they can’t get out, but they don’t.  We’ve probably caught a couple hundred or so now.  At this point though, I’m not sure if I’m just creating more flies with the traps… but at least they aren’t flying around the house now.

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  • Melinda says:

    do you have a good idea to trap ants?

  • Jill says:

    We used… some type of ant ‘hotel’ and it worked really well a few years back. The only difficult part was letting them live long enough to carry the poison home and kill all their friends. But after a few days, no more ants.

  • Matt Reed says:

    Why do they call them hotels? There’s no pool or maids or continental breakfast. Just poison to take back to your family to kill them all.

  • Shane Chiaravalle says:

    Just like an Econolodge.

  • Jill says:

    Seriously. It is a pretty funny thing to call them.
    Shane, Ha ha! I’ve never been to an Econolodge and I am now thinking I’ll probably NEVER go to one….

  • Lisa says:

    Very interesting – I thought if you got rid of the fruit you got rid of the flies – Learned something new today! Are you still catching them or are they gone?

  • Matt Reed says:

    Normally if you get rid of the fruit you’re good – the problem was that we had hundreds flying around… it was kinda gross.

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