Flying Home

By May 16, 2008#Life

Jill and I are leaving tomorrow evening to head back to MN. We will be flying out to California to visit Beth and the kids on Thursday (a trip already planned a couple months back). Mom is flying out a week from tomorrow to spend a couple weeks in CA. As we get back into the swing of things, I know we’ll all be reliving the events of the past week over and over. There’s a reality that hasn’t completely set in and even though it is very cliche – it’s the little things that you miss. These little memories are what we cling to and its motivation to jot them down as they come to mind. Dad started a little book of his journey and managed to write about 40 pages encompassing events from 1970 to present. It’s fascinating to read it and see things from his point of view. I hope to do the same as I go. There’s something special about others being able to read your life like a book.

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