I love how many resources are out there for anyone to get started and learn about filmmaking. I’ve followed a few that have been really helpful on my journey. Here are five websites for filmmakers that rock:

Stillmotion Blog – These guys are all about story and have great insight on the process of filmmaking. There’s plenty to digest on their site. Subscribe to their emails and you’ll get a couple great short pdf downloads well worth the subscription. There are a number of learning resources available for purchase as well. I recently bought their Story First Docs and I’m diving into it this week. They’re all about resourcing

Vimeo Video School – Vimeo is much more than just a video hosting service. They offer a number of lessons on video on sound, lighting, editing, gear, and more. There’s also a weekend challenge that let’s you put the lessons into practice.

Vimeo Staff Picks – Speaking of more than just a video hosting service, Vimeo is a filmmaking community. I have a weekly personal assignment to watch some of the latest Vimeo Staff Picks. There are some amazing filmmakers out there and this highlights some of the best. I typically concentrate on documentaries and set my own content rating filters in settings. Every time I watch I battle two conflicting thoughts: Give up (Because they’re so good) or You Can Do it (Because they inspire me to get better).

Philip Bloom – If you’re looking for more creativity and some honest feedback on gear and technique, look no further than Philip Bloom. His blog is a treasure trove of resources and insight and he’s basically on every possible social media outlet as well.

Learning Video – I mentioned this in a previous post, but I really have appreciated Dave Dugdale’s blog for the past few years. He started from the ground up and has documented nearly every moment of it. He’s another one that helped me keep moving forward.

Here are just a handful that have inspired me. What sites inspire you?


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