Faith the size of a flower seed

By April 26, 2010#Influence, #StuMin

We’re in a series in youth group called “Schooled”.  The whole premise of these 10 weeks is that God is real and at work in His creation.  To prove the point, we had each of our small groups fill a 2 foot planter with flower (annuals) seeds.  Flowers springing up from seeds is a small reminder that God is still active in our world…Like the Bible says, “God gives the increase.”  At the end of the 10 weeks, the flowers should be growing strong capping off our series and enforcing the belief that God still moves.  The funny part is how nonchalantly we hinged our series on these growing seeds… We pretty much staked God’s existence on the fact that they’d pop up.  There wasn’t any doubt they’d grow… a small portion of faith… about the size of a flower seed.  God loves us and is active in our lives…Look out mountains, you’re next.

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