I run slides and videos for a good number of events and inevitably a speaker will find a video on YouTube that they want to show (and usually with some disregard to quality) to the audience. So what do I use to download YouTube videos?  I’ve tried a number of different resources like browser add-one and media players with streaming functionality, but I usually fall back on two go-to websites.

For a time I used http://keepvid.com which still works just swell. The only catch for me is that there’s some sort of Java plugin that is required that confuses my MacBook Pro. Maybe you won’t run into that issue.

Rather than fiddling with installing anything I visit http://clipconverter.cc most of the time. They give you a few options for the conversion format that comes in handy when I need a .mov or .mp3 file. Be warned though, when you click the download button, make sure to uncheck any box about downloading an app to your computer. A friend forgot to uncheck the box and after a couple missteps unintentionally installed spamware on her computer. Sometimes there is no box and when you click download it opens a dumb pop-up that I immediately close. Clicking on the download button a second time then retrieves the converted file.

These have worked great for me. What has worked for you?

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