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Recently someone hit our parked car and took off. We woke up one morning and noticed it. The dent was small but expensive and we’re still trying to figure out how they hit us. The location and lightness of the dent was baffling. Was someone trying to turn around in the middle of the street? Or were they trying to parallel park? How did they manage to hit one spot? Was it an extremely solid snowball? Who knows?

If you have any theories, feel free to comment. Click on the picture to enlarge it. Help us solve the mystery!

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  • Jill says:

    It seems like someone -perhaps a neighbor even- hit the car while turning around in the middle of the street. It left a tell-tale white pain mark on our car. They panicked and drove away, parking the car in their garage instead of on the street. That’s why there’s been a suspicious lack of white cars on our street as of late.

  • Matt says:

    classic case of jealous x-car… it was our old white cutlass supreme back from Detroit – enraged because we dumped it.

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