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I casually watched the debate tonight.  By casually I mean “I surfed the web with the TV on in the background”.  The moments I actually paid attention I was pretty bored.  I know this is supposed to be one of the great decisions of our time, but I find myself yawning.  There’s supposed to be a fascination with our political process, but instead I find it so over-the-top that it turns me off… campaign ads, constant news coverage, yard signs, bumper stickers… I wish we could have just held the election the moment the two candidates were finally selected months ago.  It’s like eating pizza every day for months – after a while you just get sick of it all no matter what type of crust or how its topped.

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  • Junior says:

    Word. Even if it was the most delectable pizza, I’d hate it by now if I had to eat it five times in every commercial break, in the car on my way to work or school, or every time I watched the news.
    The only thing I can’t get enough of is that sketch from SNL regarding the credit crisis Wall Street bail out -and it was just a stupid song about who voted yes or no. (thumbs up!)

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