Cocoa is Patti

By December 16, 2007#Life

At Family Camp (Lake Geneva) when I was a kid, there was a girl name Patti none of us kids liked.  (Usually I don’t use names, but the story would make no sense without it, and Patti’s a pretty general name…) She was kind of mean to the other kids, but was a clown named Cocoa for the kid’s church services. Well, it was supposed to be top secret, but the news got out and all the kids at the park teased her that they knew the secret and chanted, “Patti is Cocoa, Cocoa is Patti. Patti is Cocoa, Cocoa is Patti.” She got mad and yelled at them to stop it. She, along with the rest of the kids, grew up to be reasonably fine adults I’m sure. What bugs me is, to this day, I still get that stupid chant stuck in my head.

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