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By September 29, 2008#Life

I generally get my online news from CNN simply because I like how cleanly the site is organized (a touch of OCD from my early boyhood days – organize the baseball cards first by team, then the next week by number, then the next week by position, then the next week by last name… etc.).  I’m always amazing at the “Most Viewed” stories of the day.  Like on other news sites, they list the top ten most viewed stories of the day.  Look at those stories most normal days and you’ll find a majority of the top stories are stories of little consequence to the viewer.  Take today for example… there isn’t one top story about the economy.  But you will find a story on a woman who lost 160 pounds or the one about the Giant German Jigsaw puzzle.  The funny thing is that I find myself clicking on those stories most often because they fascinate me more than the election and economy.  I’m so tired of campaign ads and watching my 403b drop that I’d rather see what that formerly large woman looks like now or find out about that German puzzle…. somehow it’s more satisfying.

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