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I’m afraid to even admit this but… last night for the first time in my life I consciously realized the “Chim-chim-in-ey” part of Bert’s Chimney sweep song in Mary Poppins was actually saying “chimney.” I’d never thought about it before (that I can remember anyway), and as a child had just assumed that it was another funny word, like “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Wow. I’m sure that’s spelled wrong.

I must say Matt was humorously surprised last night when we were in the car and I started singing the song (because I saw a cute little stone house with smoke coming out of the chimney) and stopped singing as I said, “Oh! It’s ‘chimney!’ They’re saying chimney!” Yeah, he thought it was pretty funny and said, “You’re kidding. This is really the first time in your life that you realized this?” Since it was a chimney that brought on the song, maybe I knew on a subconscious level….

Chim chim-in-ey, chim chim-in-ey chim chim cher-ee! A sweep is as lucky, as lucky can be…

(Paris Rooftops. Photo by Jill Reed)

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