Cheese Cake

By October 24, 2008#Life

Last night I was thinking I hadn’t written a post on the website in a while (school and life have been a little too busy for that -or at least for me to think about doing it).  The only thing I had on my mind at 11:30 at night -aside from thinking I should really be sleeping- was cheesecake.  I thought, “I should write about cheesecake, just a short little ‘random the barbarian’ post on cheesecake, but I didn’t.  And what delicious little concoction did I dream about last night?  Cheesecake of course.  I felt obligated, then, to write about how much I really like cheesecake. Unlike many people, my favorite is cherry cheesecake (that and this delectable little mouth-watering triple chocolate mouse-type cheesecake at Cafe Latte in St. Paul).

Man, I have got to get some cheesecake soon.

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  • Jill says:

    By the way, I’ve had cheesecake twice since this entry. Don’t worry, I haven’t eaten the pieces alone. Matt has been a good sport and shared it with me!

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