Cheer Time

By June 20, 2008#Life

I can’t really say what made me think of it, and especially what made me think of it as I was waking up this morning, but I remembered a football game I went to in 10th grade. The 10th grade JV guys had their own team with games that were separate from the Varsity guys team. This, apparently, is where the JV cheerleaders were also banished -behind the high school and not (absolutely not) on the regular field.

It was at one of these games, on a sunny fall day, that I stood with a few friends watching a couple of our guys friends playing football. It was after an exciting play, when our guys were close to scoring, that the cheerleaders popped up in all their glory and started to cheer. At the end of the cheer, the girls jumped and screamed enthusiastically.

One girl, I think she was in my English class or something, did a high kick. I’d never seen anything like it. Her leg came up so high she not only kicked herself in the head -but kicked herself in the head so hard she fell over backwards, flat on her back. I know it’s terrible to think it’s funny, but we laughed. Even now, at the few random times I remember it, I still laugh. Ironically enough, it cheers me up.

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  • Delia says:

    LOL, I now have this image imbedded in my mind. I do not think the cheerleader will ever know how many times she alone has “cheered” someone up.

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