Caf or Decaf?

By March 20, 2009#Life

Okay, so a few weeks ago- the Monday following Daylight Savings to be exact- I had a  long day of classes.  Prior to my biology class (which doesn’t end until some time after 8 PM) I decided to indulge in a coffee.  I’m not the type to go full-on caffeine if I can help it.  I like half-caffeinated drinks (one shot caffeinated espresso/coffee and one shot of decaffeinated espresso/coffee).  I do this because (as some of you know) I can turn into quite a jitter-bug (freakishly so) if I have too much caffeine.  Half-Caf gives me enough caffeine to perk me up but usually not enough to turn me into a raving lunatic.

I was delighted to find that Espresso Royal’s special of the day was a free espresso shot.  The girl making my drink asked if I wanted the free extra shot.  I accepted it, of course (the of course refers to the fact that if it’s free and consumable, the chances are I’ll accept it).

I eagerly took my drink and wandered to class.  It was on this walk to class that I began to wonder if the free shot she gave me was caffeinated or decaffeinated, since my drink had been half of each.  Which one did she choose?  (Thereby making it no longer ‘half’ of anything.)

I didn’t perk up or freak out during my entire bio class.  I was normal as could be when I got home that night.  But the question of the free shot’s caffeination (no that’s not really a word) kept teasing my mind.

It was at two in the morning as I sat surfing the net and tapping my foot incessantly that I finally called it, like a doctor calling the Time of Death.

I grumbled, “Caffenated” as I turned off my computer and went to bed, where I tossed and turned before finally finding the sweet repreive of sleep.

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