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By February 14, 2008#Life

We went to TGIFridays tonight after church for a birthday dinner for me with our friends. We happened to have two servers because we caught one on the tail end of their shift. When each of the servers was informed on separate occasions that the get-together was for my birthday, they asked how old I was. They were both startled when I said “31”.

A few months ago I encouraged a jr higher to keep playing guitar, because after all, I didn’t start learning until I was 19. He was horrified to find out that I was older than 19.

When we were in California for Thanksgiving, we went to a restaurant with my family. Without asking, the hostess gave my sister a kid’s menu.

It will be interesting to see how many more years Beth and I can keep surprising people. What will people think when I turn 40? It’s not that far away.

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