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By March 17, 2015#Tech

I’ve used Adobe Acrobat in the past mostly for combining PDFs or trying to compress the document to get a smaller file size. I had a personal copy of it from my CS3 suite, but at work I have a CS6 software set that didn’t have it. The first time I needed it, I downloaded a trial of Adobe Acrobat XI and used it for 30 days. Of course I needed it again on the thirty-first day and had to decide whether or not to buy Acrobat. I just don’t use it enough to merit the expense at work. So where could I find an Adobe Acrobat alternative?

I jumped online and came across It’s an amazing site that offers a number of the simple features that I needed completely in an online solution. The best thing of all is that it’s free!

There are a number of things you can use it for, but I’ve found the “Compress PDF” and “Merge PDF” features the most useful. It’s definitely not as extensive as Acrobat, but it really takes care of the little things well. Check it out!

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