Abandoned Teens

By October 30, 2008#Influence, #StuMin

This constantly updating story breaks my heart – teenagers being abandoned at hospitals in Nebraska legally because of their poorly worded safe-haven law.  Another one was left this week at a hospital in Omaha... the 24th since September 1st.  Nebraskan lawmakers are set to fix their mistake on November 14th.  Can you imagine making a mistake like that and being like, “Yeah, let’s meet in 2 months and reword that before it gets out of hand.”  When you realize that the laws of man are made by people like the lawmakers in Nebraska – you really begin to question the relevancy and validity of some of our governmental systems.  Another reason my hope is in Christ, and not in politics.  I can’t wait till this election season is over.

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  • Jill says:

    I think it’s completely wrong and horrible that these teens are being abandoned by their families, but I can’t help wondering if the teens are going to be better off than they would be with parents who would do that. Either way (better off or not) it’s sad.
    Makes me with I had the time and resources to do something about it.

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