A Little Wave

By August 28, 2008#Influence

Matt, my mom, and I all visited the Crystal Cathedral when we were in California back in May.  There were many statues of people from the Bible (and of course I’m always curious as to how they come to look a certain way when we know so little about their looks. Isn’t that funny? Most books describe the physical appearance of those in it in such great detail that we know hair color, eye color, skin tone, teeth straightness…. etc. I like that the Bible doesn’t focus on that so much, but rather what they did -how they lived- and who they were. Anyway, back to the other story.)

There was this statue of Christ walking on a pond, and I thought it looked pretty cool. The Jesus statue has an arm raised in a wave.  I lifted my arm and waved back. Yes, I am a nerd. It was just a funny dorky little thing to do, but it also stirred up a thrill of excitement in me.

For those of us who have never been fortunate enough to see Christ, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that others did. Others ate with Him, walked to the market or temple with Him, played games with him, were smiled at by Him, and yes… were maybe even waved to by Him.

In spite of the nerdiness (and humor I got out of it) of waving back, it was actually meaningful to me. I was excited to think that one day I will see Him. And maybe, again, He’ll give me a little wave.

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