Strange but true.

By June 25, 2007#Life

I saw the same parade three times the other night.  A little over a week ago Jill and I went to the Fridley parade. We parked in a church parking lot a couple of blocks from the parade route.

We didn’t know that on our way to our parade-watching spot (near the middle of the route) we would walk past the start of the parade. So we passed the floats and bands as they waited in line to start the parade. We got to our spots and over the next hour watched the same parade we just passed pass by us. When the parade ended we started walking back to the parking lot and came upon the front of the parade ending near the start. One parade, viewed three times. I’m set for the next 2 years.

Bees built a hive INSIDE our bedroom without us knowing.

Tonight I killed two bees inside our room on the screen of the bedroom window. Their sudden appearance led Jill to suspect a hive. We looked up and saw a baseball-sized hive (and a dozen or so bees) on the inside corner of our window between the storm window and screen. So I promptly shut the storm window.

2 strange but true.

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